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Malaria Diagnosis

   The Malaria diagnosis cannot be made only by following the symptoms of the disease and the . They can show that you have some infection, but usually will not give any more information and details for the disease. The symptoms of Malaria are not enough to determine exactly the disease, so when you have any doubts that you are infected with malaria, definitely should visit the hospital for medical tests. The tests are usually the typical clinical research, and some laboratory tests including parasitological tests. The detailed information for stay in an endemic area for malaria and all the mentioned tests will help for the specialists to determine exactly the type and form of the disease and give exact Malaria diagnosis.
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Malaria Symptoms

The Malaria disease is really hard to be determined, because of the long incubation period, by in any case there are a lot of Malaria symptoms, which can help you to understand, that you have exactly this disease. The first Malaria symptoms are expressed in high body temperature, shivering, arthralgius (pain in the joints), vomiting, anemia, hemoglobinurius, retinal destruction and convulsions. The incubation period of parasitism is average about 10-15 days for the Three-day Malaria and the Tropical Malaria, while for the Four-day Malaria it can reach up to 1-2 months. But these periods are not law, as there are forms of the Three-day Malaria, caused by Plasmodium vivax which incubation period can reach 1 year. In any case following strictly for malaria symptoms will help you to prevent from disorders of your health and serious problems. The symptoms of malaria can be grouper into two groups in dependence of the development of the disease.
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