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Scientists found effective vaccine against malaria disease

   American scientists have discovered the first effective form of vaccine against the malaria disease. Once you have conducted a number of tests on a group of volunteers, the researchers found that immunization works at 100% against infection. The American scientists note that the vaccine is healthy and safe. After the specimens make it caused response in the immune system of each volunteer. The vaccine contains a weakened form of the strain and the virus of the disease and may protect healthy person from contracting malaria. The subsequent studies will assess the impact of different doses of the vaccine against other strains of parasites and tested for how long the vaccine is effective. The disease is really terrible and cause the death of millions of people each year, so the new research is very important for the prevention of the malaria disease. This is the first effective form of disease vaccine and really is important and wealthy for the modern medicine.

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Why Do You Need A Bed Wedge?

Having a mattress wedge can be the perfect solution to several problems related with your body. It can help you if you have problem sleeping, breathing trouble, back or neck issues or even poor blood circulation. The mattress wedge is used to raise the head above the level of the bed on which your body is resting; it can also be used to raise your legs too.
Mattress wedge are available in various sizes to meet the requirements of the customer. The wedge pillow can be used for preventing several health problems like:
• Acid reflux problem, where the contents of the stomach pass to the oesophagus instead of going down into the small intestine.
• Asthma patients will feel great relief as the pillow will keep your head elevated, thus helping you breathe easily.
• People suffering from sleep apnea can be saved from fatal life threatening accidents. The elevated head will keep the back of your throat open.
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Malaria Complications

   The accurate diagnosis of Malaria and the proper treatment can completely cure the disease. Definitely in some case and types of the disease and if the treatment or the diagnosis is not correct, for the patient appear some unwanted and dangerous complications. The Malaria Complications are including the life-threatening coma, respiratory and renal failure, bleeding disorders and etc. Definitely the wrong treatment of the disease can cause serious health problems in the future and even to cause some body organs dysfunction. The most dangerous Malaria Complications can be observed in infected patients with compromised immune system due to several reasons. Also the pregnant women are also particularly contingent risk.
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Malaria Treatment

After the successful and accurate Malaria diagnosis, the infected person should be treated in the proper way according to the type of the disease. The Malaria Treatment is made with 4 amino quinolones, like Chloroquine, Arthrochin, applied in scheme in doses different for adults and children. The doses and the exact medicine for treatment is in dependence of the type of the diseases. Other medicines used for Malaria Treatment Pyrimethamine, sulfonamides and quite rarely antibiotics. When the patient is resistant to the prescribed medicines, an option in the treatment is also the quinine. Also there are a lot of complex medicines just like Fansidar and others, which are successfully used in the therapy of Malaria Treatment.
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Malaria Prevention

   The best Malaria prevention definitely is not traveling to endemic areas, but in many cases this is not solving the issue. The Malaria virus has certain regions of growth – subtropics and tropics. Usually the virus is met in South America and Africa, where usually the mosquitoes are larger than a bird. Of course if you want to prevent yourself from Malaria, you can use some medicaments before traveling to an endemic area. The prevention from Malaria starts one week before traveling to such area. The first used medicament is Chloroquine 300 mg consumed once for the week before traveling and 1 pill of Arthrochin 250 mg every other day of the traveling in endemic area for Malaria virus and 1 pill weekly for one month after leaving the region.
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