Cerebral malaria

The cerebral malaria is the one, which mostly affects the children and kids. The disease is similar to the standard types, but can cause neurological problems and complication. Also a lot of kids get deterioration of cognition, which is quite serious issue for the patients. The cerebral malaria is caused by the plasmodium falciparum and has cerebral complications for the patient. The basic cerebral malaria symptoms are fever, Seizures, Coma and Neurological symptoms. The disease is connected with whitening of the whitening of the eye retina, which is good symptom to define malaria from other fever diseases. The other symptoms of malaria and periodical sweating can also define the disease and allow for the patient to diagnose it.

All the acute cases of malaria are almost always caused by infection with P. falciparum. The bacteria has incubation period of about 7 days, so all the cases are revealing in 6 to 14 days after the infection. If the acute cerebral malaria is not treated fast and accurate, the disease can bring the patient to a lot of complications and death. Definitely the most dangerous is the high temperature, which makes the kids and pregnant women highly vulnerable. But all the people may have serious problems with malaria, as it is known that millions of people are dying from malaria each year. The fast development of the cerebral malaria bacterias in the body organs may kill the patient in just a few hours.
Also the possible symptoms of cerebral malaria are:
• Splenomegaly
• Hepatomegaly
• Cerebral ischemia
• Headache
• Hypoglycemia
• Nemoglobinuria with renal failure

All these symptoms may lead to malaria, which is serious and harmful for the health. It is officially known that more than 230 millions of people are infected by the dangerous disease each year and more of 1 millions of people are dying. In spite of the serious number of malaria cases, we should mention that with 40 per cent has decreased the number of deaths from malaria over the last decade, according to World Health Organization. But still malaria is presented in 106 countries, as large part of the world is claimed as malaria endemic area.

Malaria Endemic Map

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