Malaria Diagnosis

   The Malaria diagnosis cannot be made only by following the symptoms of the disease and the . They can show that you have some infection, but usually will not give any more information and details for the disease. The symptoms of Malaria are not enough to determine exactly the disease, so when you have any doubts that you are infected with malaria, definitely should visit the hospital for medical tests. The tests are usually the typical clinical research, and some laboratory tests including parasitological tests. The detailed information for stay in an endemic area for malaria and all the mentioned tests will help for the specialists to determine exactly the type and form of the disease and give exact Malaria diagnosis.

   The parasitological diagnosis is done by drop of peripheral blood from the finger. With the drop of blood is make smear on a slide glass and after special processing and staining is monitor the status of the red blood cells and the presence of parasites in them. This can easily show that if you have Malaria and what is the exact type of the disease. The different types have different morphological features. Less value has different serological medical tests.

   Definitely the tests for Malaria will guarantee that you will have strength and very accurate diagnosis. Once the disease is determined, the treatment should follow the exact type of Malaria, the exact condition of the body and liver. Definitely the Malaria diagnosis is important to be done in the most accurate way, so the patient will be treated with the right medicines and the not hurt organs of the body will not be touched. The treatment of Malaria is really serious, so you should be careful for the complications of the disease, because sometimes they can be quite more serious than the whole disease.

   In any illness with fever during and up to 2 years after travel in tropical countries should think about malaria and immediately to conduct diagnostic tests. The Malaria diagnosis should be placed on the same day, because the delay in treatment can cause serious health problems for the infected person

   Also you should be aware that the exclusion of malaria should be done after the microscopic evidence for missing of the parasites in blood smears and “thick drop” in every 6 hours for at least 24 hours. Really the disease is quite hard to be treated and the complete remove of all the parasites will be claimed as the complete Malaria cure.

Malaria disease