Malaria Prevention

   The best Malaria prevention definitely is not traveling to endemic areas, but in many cases this is not solving the issue. The Malaria virus has certain regions of growth – subtropics and tropics. Usually the virus is met in South America and Africa, where usually the mosquitoes are larger than a bird. Of course if you want to prevent yourself from Malaria, you can use some medicaments before traveling to an endemic area. The prevention from Malaria starts one week before traveling to such area. The first used medicament is Chloroquine 300 mg consumed once for the week before traveling and 1 pill of Arthrochin 250 mg every other day of the traveling in endemic area for Malaria virus and 1 pill weekly for one month after leaving the region.

   Also you can use the combined medicament Pyrimethamine, which has another scheme for getting the pills. The medicine should be used 1 pill per week before traveling and 2 pills per week in the period of traveling in such area and 1 month after it. Of course this medicine is quite stronger than the previous one and the usage of it replaces the both previous medicines.

   Other preparations and dosing regimens are indicated for children, pregnant women, immunosuppressed or resistance to medicines people.

   In any case when planning to travel in malaria endemic areas, you should care for prevention from malaria. this is the most dangerous diseases of the world, killing millions of people each year. The prevention from malaria is well known and taking the proper medicines will help you to be calm for your health. In any case consultation with doctors is mandatory.

Malaria fever

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