Malaria Symptoms

The Malaria disease is really hard to be determined, because of the long incubation period, by in any case there are a lot of Malaria symptoms, which can help you to understand, that you have exactly this disease. The first Malaria symptoms are expressed in high body temperature, shivering, arthralgius (pain in the joints), vomiting, anemia, hemoglobinurius, retinal destruction and convulsions. The incubation period of parasitism is average about 10-15 days for the Three-day Malaria and the Tropical Malaria, while for the Four-day Malaria it can reach up to 1-2 months. But these periods are not law, as there are forms of the Three-day Malaria, caused by Plasmodium vivax which incubation period can reach 1 year. In any case following strictly for malaria symptoms will help you to prevent from disorders of your health and serious problems. The symptoms of malaria can be grouper into two groups in dependence of the development of the disease.

The main Malaria symptoms are malaise, weakness, anorexia, fever, high blood temperature and sweating.

The first symptoms of Malaria are feeling of cold, lasting between half and two hours, followed by increased temperature to above 38 degrees. These symptoms are accompanied by headache, pains in joints and muscles. The phase continues 4-6 hours and in some cases the infected person can reach even seizures. The following Malaria symptoms are highly sweating and decrease of the temperature. In dependence of the Malaria type, the symptoms are repeating in 48 hours in Three-day Malaria and Tropical Malaria and 78 hours in Four-day Malaria. These cyclical spills match to the dynamics of destruction of the erythrocytes. Other important Malaria symptoms are the enlarged liver and spleen, anemia and jaundice. For reasons not fully understood, perhaps related to increased intracranial pressure, the children with malaria, often receive strong beliefs in the extremities, a sign of severe brain damage.

Stage of Malaria
Malaria Symptoms
Stage 1
High temperature, fever, headache, pains in joints and muscles, followed by big sweating. The process repeats every 4-6 hours periodically
Stage 2
Enlarged liver and spleen, anemia and jaundice. In children usually is met strong beliefs in the extremities.


The sequence of Malaria symptoms is called malarial attack and repeat the prescribed period of time depending on the type of malaria. Especially in children the Malaria disease can lead to coma and death.

Malaria Endemic Map

In rare cases Malaria can be caused by Plasmodium semiovale and Plasmodium knowlesi parasites. In this case the main Malaria symptoms of periodic change of the temperature is replaced with constant high temperature and can easily be confused with flu or some other infection. In this case the repeated infection with the same or different parasites attacks may be irregular.

When seeing even the first Malaria symptoms and you know that you have connection with the parasites or you traveled in such destinations with increased incidence of the disease you should quickly consult with doctor and go ask for hospital treatment if possible. The complications of Malaria are quite dangerous and should not be negligeed even if you know much about the disease. The treatment should be done strictly followed by doctor, because the disease is dangerous of young and old people. The complications of Malaria can cause health problem during the end of the life to the infected person and even cause serious dysfunction of the main human body organs.

Malaria Symptoms