Malaria Treatment

After the successful and accurate Malaria diagnosis, the infected person should be treated in the proper way according to the type of the disease. The Malaria Treatment is made with 4 amino quinolones, like Chloroquine, Arthrochin, applied in scheme in doses different for adults and children. The doses and the exact medicine for treatment is in dependence of the type of the diseases. Other medicines used for Malaria Treatment Pyrimethamine, sulfonamides and quite rarely antibiotics. When the patient is resistant to the prescribed medicines, an option in the treatment is also the quinine. Also there are a lot of complex medicines just like Fansidar and others, which are successfully used in the therapy of Malaria Treatment.

Due to consisting of the forms of parasites in the liver cells, the Three-day Malaria, which is caused by Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium оvale, should be treated also with 8 amino quinolones, such as Primaquine for longer period of time. Definitely the main treatment of malaria and prevention of the disease is done by malaria medicines, which are well known of the whole pharmaceuticals and medical world.

All these medicines are treating the Tropical Malaria and Four-day malaria, according to the scheme prescribed by doctor. The patients, who were cured from the dangerous disease Malaria are dispensary for one year in the forms of Tropical Malaria and Four-day Malaria and three years for Three-day Malaria. This is usually done to be excluded the possibility of repeating of the disease if there are any infected parasites in the blood. The main reason for that is that the incubation period of the Three-day Malaria can exceed one year in some forms of the parasites. The complete cure of the disease is done with the medicines mentioned there and accurate following of the strict prescription from the doctor.

The treatment of malaria should be done by specialists and doctors in case to fully cure the disease and treat for all kind of complications, which are even more serious then the illness.

Malaria mosquito