Scientists found effective vaccine against malaria disease

   American scientists have discovered the first effective form of vaccine against the malaria disease. Once you have conducted a number of tests on a group of volunteers, the researchers found that immunization works at 100% against infection. The American scientists note that the vaccine is healthy and safe. After the specimens make it caused response in the immune system of each volunteer. The vaccine contains a weakened form of the strain and the virus of the disease and may protect healthy person from contracting malaria. The subsequent studies will assess the impact of different doses of the vaccine against other strains of parasites and tested for how long the vaccine is effective. The disease is really terrible and cause the death of millions of people each year, so the new research is very important for the prevention of the malaria disease. This is the first effective form of disease vaccine and really is important and wealthy for the modern medicine.

Malaria fever

   People become infected with the disease after a mosquito that is infected with the malaria parasite. The mosquito-borne disease kills 1 million people a year and ill more than 20 million. Most deaths are among children in Africa, according to the World Health Organization. The researched about malaria disease are in high stages and very important for the world health, according to the WHO.