Why Do You Need A Bed Wedge?

Having a mattress wedge can be the perfect solution to several problems related with your body. It can help you if you have problem sleeping, breathing trouble, back or neck issues or even poor blood circulation. The mattress wedge is used to raise the head above the level of the bed on which your body is resting; it can also be used to raise your legs too.
Mattress wedge are available in various sizes to meet the requirements of the customer. The wedge pillow can be used for preventing several health problems like:
• Acid reflux problem, where the contents of the stomach pass to the oesophagus instead of going down into the small intestine.
• Asthma patients will feel great relief as the pillow will keep your head elevated, thus helping you breathe easily.
• People suffering from sleep apnea can be saved from fatal life threatening accidents. The elevated head will keep the back of your throat open.

bed   The wedge can be used even if the person doesn’t have any ailments; it can used to prevent diseases in the future, as the fundamental function of a wedge is to keep your body and your spine aligned while you are sleeping and to ensure that there is a proper circulation of blood in your body. A mattress wedge as it serves so many different purposes is also known as multifunctional bed wedge.
The bed wedges are available in different types of elevations. Some of them are designed keeping swollen legs and other problems in mind, while others are meant keeping the upper body parts like arms, chest and spinal cord at rest. Bed wedges can be very therapeutic for the human-body. Since we spend a great part of everyday resting, we also must ensure that when we rest, we do it correctly.